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Hi, My name is Morgan!

I'm currently a junior in college studying Biology.

I'm a pre-med student who has an equal love for science and art and hoping to become a physician who does some type of illustration on the side.

Artwork © Morgan N. Marshall, unless noted otherwise. PLEASE DO NOT reprint, edit, or remove my watermarks.

Anonymous asked:
GPOY? :3

(I had to look up what this meant)

Sorry, I don’t like my face enough todo that lol



*blush* Thank you.
BTW those red lipstick post don’t lie like holy shit I feel so cute right now.

You look beyond cute with the lipstick! Definitely wear it more often :D you’ll break necks. I had to scroll up when I was the gif set like, “Wait a second that’s Kyla—SHE LOOKS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!” then I proceeded to google what “Welcome To Night Vale” was lol

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I don't know you but I've looked at your art and your blogs and I feel like I need to say this. You are beautiful. Your art is beautiful. Your way with words is beautiful. You are a phenomenal human and you are so very important. Have a great day :)

Wow, I’m at a loss for words, you’re so sweet and kind :) thank you so much! You just made my day a great day <3 I hope you have a great day as well! 

Yes. Yes, I do at the moment&#8230; ;n;

A friend told me about the an upcoming movie called “Pan” which is going to be the new real-life Peter Pan movie! I got really excited scroll through the casting list:

Hugh Jackman. Amanda Seyfried. Garrett Hedlund.

However, I have to admit my face dropped when I saw who they casted for tiger lily.


I think the glaring issue with this is obvious.

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